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A Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) Extension Proposal (BEP) is a community-driven process to add a new modality or set of data types to the BIDS Specification.

This site provides information about creating and working with the BIDS Extension Proposal (commonly referred to as BEP or in the plural as BEPs).

BEP Guide

For information about what is a BEP and how to get started working with a BEP visit the BEP Guide.

Check the specification and the list of BEPs before creating a new one. You may find existing or ongoing efforts that already support your use case. Avoid duplicating efforts.

Submitting a BEP

Once you've made progress on your BEP and you are ready to integrate it into the specification visit the BEP Submission Guide.

The BIDS Schema

This site also serves as the main documentation repository for working with the BIDS Schema, which you will need to enable validation of your BEP. For more information about the history of, working with, and translating your BEP into the schema visit the Schema Guide on this site.